COBI.Bike sport

con custodia di montaggio per iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus (copertura antipioggia compresa) per biciclette tradizionali

The elegant COBI.Bike design with all essential functionalities. This set comes with the Mount Case (including Rain Cover), which ensures that your iPhone stays safe and dry.


This set includes:
- App for Android/iOS
- Hub
- Thumb Controller
- Mount Case with Rain Cover
- Battery Pack (2. Generation – 20,88 Wh)
- USB Charging Cable
- Manual
The AmbiSense Light System is not included in this set.

You can upgrade the COBI.Bike sport to a COBI.Bike or COBI.Bike plus by adding the front light or the front light & the rear light on the accessories page. 


Fits your iPhone 6/7/8 Plus perfectly while keeping it securely attached to your hub. It also includes built-in charging connector, as well as a rain cover, for extra protection.

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Dettagli del Prodotto

Specifiche del telefono

Specifiche Apple
• OS: min. iOS 12

Specifiche tecniche
Custodia di montaggio per iPhone 6/7/8 Plus
Dimensioni (LxAxP)172 x 84 x14 mm
Peso52 g + 20 g (Copertura antipioggia)
ColoreNero opaco
MaterialeABS e TPE morbido
MontaggioCursore maschio / femmina nel COBI.Bike Hub
Connettore telefonoPorta Lightning®
Copertura antipioggiaPlastica trasparente, impermeabile (IP X6)
© Robert Bosch GmbH