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Free mobile App      

The COBI.Bike App, together with the COBI.Bike hardware, brings the whole COBI.Bike experience to life. The free app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. As the control center for your smart biking experience, it features functions such as navigation and route planning, music control, fitness tracking, and so much more. You can also connect and integrate Bluetooth sensors through the COBI.Bike iOS and Android App. There is no need to take your hands off the handlebars as you can control all key features with the thumb controller.

  • Owner activation lock
  • Bike voice navigation (2D / 3D)
  • Worldwide offline maps
  • Audio remote control (for music and podcasts)
  • Make and take calls from the handlebars
  • Ultra-precise bike weather
  • Trip planning and touring (via Komoot*)
  • GPX route import (via Komoot*)
  • Automated daily ride and trip summary
  • Apple Health / Google Fit Integration
  • Trip data logging (via Strava** and Komoot*)

* top of the range bike tour planning

** leading bike performance community

Remote control      
All key features of the COBI.Bike App can be controlled via the 6 button Thumb Controller, which offers more freedom and safety during your bike ride. All eBike* related features are also seamlessly integrated into the COBI.Bike system and can be operated via the eBike's own controller, including the bell or the turn signals**.

*Please check the list of compatible eBike drive systems here.
**The turn signal function of the COBI.Bike Brake Light is not available in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom due to country-specific legal restrictions."
Phone charging      
The regular bike version of COBI.Bike has a built-in, detachable battery pack (rechargeable via Micro-USB cable) with a capacity to charge a typical smartphone. If you connect a hub dynamo to your COBI.Bike hub, you can charge the system on the go. If you ride an e-bike, your phone will be charged via the battery of your e-bike.
Alarm system      
COBI.Bike helps keep your bike and your bike ride safe and secure. When activated via a tap in the COBI.Bike App, the hub detects and reacts sensitively to suspicious movements with a multilevel alarm that gets louder and louder and starts flashing.
Front Light with AmbiSense technology      
The COBI.Bike AmbiSense technology automatically switches the Front Light's light modes through a sensor, achieving the perfect balance between visibility and energy consumption. If you prefer, the Front Light can also be controlled manually using the COBI.Bike App or via a button on the COBI.Bike Hub.
Brake Light with AmbiSense technology      
The AmbiSense brake light communicates with the hub via Bluetooth and can be controlled automatically or manually using the thumb controller. It features a collision protection system which increases in brightness when you slow down sharply. The AmbiSense brake light can be detached from the bike without tools and charged via Micro-USB cable.
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