Kiox 500 and Kiox 300

Your smart displays for sporty rides

Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 are your intelligent and rugged companions for sporty rides. Intuitive to use and compact, they offer a splash-proof and dust-proof colour display that is easy to read. Fully connected in the smart system, they are continuously provided with new functions via the eBike Flow app.

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    More significant installation required: for example cables may need to be laid and connected.
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Minimalist navigation function

With the clear, free navigation function, you reach your destination even more easily: Plan your route in the eBike Flow app and transfer it to your display via Bluetooth® Low Energy. The arrow on your Kiox 500 or Kiox 300 indicates your current position. Your route is indicated by a simple, clear line. Faded-in turn-by-turn directions give you orientation and guide you - without interrupting your flow. You can also see your arrival time, distance and time to destination.

Display as a key

Turn your Kiox 500 or Kiox 300 into a key for your eBike. It's as intuitive as it sounds: simply remove the display from the mount and stow it away. This immediately provides additional protection for your eBike. Reinsert the display and use it to activate motor support before riding off.

Individually customizable display indicator

You can customise the display on your Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 using the eBike Flow app: define the order and content of the screens yourself (available from summer). You can also customise the status bar. Display the battery charge level, the time, or the speed – simply via your control unit. Getting the exact information that is important to you on your ride.

Kiox 500: More display, bigger view

40% larger display than the Kiox 300 with almost double the screen area: The Kiox 500 has even better readability – especially under demanding riding conditions. This makes the smart display the ideal companion for almost all rides. Information is gathered quickly, even in busy traffic, and you are guided conveniently when trekking.

Flexible display alternative

Need more screen space? Use your mobile all-rounder: instead of the Kiox 500 or Kiox 300, place the SmartphoneGrip on the display mount and use your smartphone with the eBike Flow app as a large display – with more comprehensive navigation.

Enhance performance and motivation

The Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 show you extensive distance and fitness data. They inform you, for example, whether you are currently riding above or below your personal average: Get motivated though the graphical comparison of power and cadence. After the ride, you can also share all the recorded fitness data with Strava, Apple Health and Komoot via the eBike Flow app..

Informative assistance

The smart walk assistance function, including the Hill Hold automatic rollback protection function, helps you on steep or unrideable sections. You can activate it via the control unit and receive instructions for use on your Kiox 500 and Kiox 300.

Always in the right gear

With a shift recommendation, you shift more efficiently and ride in the optimum gear: the Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 provide you with tips on shifting up and down.

Positioning as desired

The optionally available display mount enables the display to be ideally positioned on the handlebar exactly according to your personal preference. This also includes the tilt angle of the display, which can be adjusted before setting off for optimum readability. For use of the Kiox 500 or Kiox 300, the modular display mount (Display Mount Kit) is also required. Please note that there are two different handlebar diameters (31.8 mm and 35 mm).


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On-board computer Kiox 300 Kiox 500
Display 2 Inch TFT-Display (240 x 320 Pixel) 2,8 Inch TFT-Display (240 x 320 Pixel)
Operating temperature -5 - 40 Degree Celsius -5 - 40 Degree Celsius
Storage temperature 10 - 40 Degree Celsius 10 - 40 Degree Celsius
Type of protection IP55 IP55
Colour matt black matt black
Dimension approx. 48 x 66 x 15 mm approx. 61 x 86 x 16 mm
Weight approx. 32 g approx. 61 g

Explore product combinations

Which app goes with which battery, Which eBike motor matches which display? The overview of product combinations indicates the compatibilities between all Bosch eBike components.

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eBike Flow app

The eBike Flow app connects you to your eBike – and your eBike to the digital world. You use the app to control all the functions of the smart system, which connects the Drive Unit, battery, and Control Unit. It allows you to customize the eBike exactly to your preferences, enhance it, and keep it up to date. You simply download new features and services. You can conveniently install updates for your eBike via Bluetooth. This keeps your eBike up to date and continuously upgraded with new functions. This is how you can take your riding enjoyment to even higher levels.

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The smart system

The smart system - consisting of eBike Flow app, control unit, display, battery and drive unit - turns your eBike ride into an individual experience. The new system generation combines technically high-quality eBike components with ever new digital functions, which you can easily install over-the-air using the eBike Flow app. This way, you can always keep your eBike up to date and adapt it exactly to your requirements - for even more riding fun in a networked eBike world.

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